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Welcome to Al DeColli's Caddie Corner

  "This is the place to get info straight from the Caddies mouth. As a Class "A" Master Certified instructor of the PGTAA Al knows what works and what doesn't. Check back and check often so you can learn from the man, "AD3", Al DeColli III."

Height: 6'  Weight:190 lbs

Birthdate: December 5, 1983

Born: Philadelphia, PA

Resides: Clayton, NJ

University: Catawaba College

Degree: Bachelors in Sports Management

It was 3 years ago when I earned my master golf teaching degree from the PGTAA. This degree propelled me to the position of head caddy for 58 United and swing coach when the players are on the road. During the time I was earning my degree Frankie "Boe" was starting to build a sports management company and asked me to jump on board. This was a great opportunity for me to use my talents and skills to work with professional golfers. The area of the game that is my specialty is hands down putting. I carried a 26.7 putts per round and studied from some of the best putting instructors. My first teacher along with many others would say how good of a putter I am, but it was Frankie "Boe" who has been around the game for many years that stated "I have never seen, including on TV, a better putter."

"AD3 Tips"

Dropping in the short one...

   We all have missed putts from 3 feet and in. The main cause for these misses is due to putter face alignment or the putter head opening or closing at impact. I am a believer in a "square to square" putting stroke so I would like to give you a drill to help make those short putts. This drill is very simple and all you need is two tees. Find yourself a relatively straight 3 foot putt and put both tees in the ground just outside the heel and toe, this will form a gate. It is so important to keep the putter head moving straight back and through on these short putts. I like to use the name on the golf ball to help me line up the putts and to keep my head still by focusing on the name. During this drill I would like you to also use the name to help with the putter face alignment and keeping you eyes focused. Since golf is a game, this drill to will be played as a game by starting with 10 putts. Now, after you make the 10 in a row,then do 20, 30, etc. til you reach 100. If you miss then you must go back to the previous number and restart the game. If youdedicate the time to this simple drill you will find more of the short ones going in.